December 8, 2009

Little Old Lady Mistook Her Hearing Aid for a Milk Dud

Some old lady in Texas starts chewing on her hearing aid thinking its a Milk Dud. Somehow her hearing aid fell into the container of Milk Duds she was eating from. LOL. She noticed that one of the Milk Duds would not "soften up," yuck. Surprisingly, the hearing aid survived the whole ordeal. I am guessing it was a small in-the-ear hearing aid.

Are there other people out there who have done the same thing? I have only experienced toddlers chewing on their hearing aids, either from boredom or because they did not know any better.

Read more about it on Debbie Does Drivel. I love this Blog!



  1. This is common problem with small hearing aids they tend to be swallowed by small kid or the old ones. So far my grandma hasn't done this yet. We just have to take an eye on her.

  2. When i was younger i would forget to get my BTE out of my pockets and would end up through the washer/dryer! Can say they were squeaky clean


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