January 3, 2010

I Can Make My Ears Whistle

During my grade school years I wore these big analog *bte hearing aids. As you may know or have experienced, these hearing aids always squealed or made a loud whistling noise if anything gets close to them or covers them, causing feedback (like a microphone). Unlike the digital hearing aids we have now, where there is very little or no feedback. With my analog hearing aids, if I put my hands on the hearing aids or cover my ears slightly, they squealed and squeaked loudly.

One day, I thought it would be funny to trick the kindergartners into thinking I have a special talent. I went up to some kindergartners in the hallway (I was probably in second grade at the time) and told them that I can make my ears whistle. I put my hand onto my right ear and like magic, it whistled. Then I did my left ear, and then both ears. They fell for it. They couldn't believe it! There were a lot of "Ooohs! and Aaaahs!" They ran and told the others.

Periodically, I would perform for them making my ears whistle. When some of them wanted to look at my ears I told them no, because I feared that they may make my ears whistle too much and it would hurt me. I did not want them to see my hearing aids. I made sure my long hair covered them. I think I scared some of them. They never looked at me the same afterward. I don't think I ever told them about my hearing aids.

I am sure most of them caught on later that really I was making my hearing aids whistle. But, what about the ones who did not? Maybe some of them are wondering if they imagined the girl in the hallway who could make her ears whistle.


* bte - behind the ear


  1. Good one E.. I had dreams and aspirations of being in a band... Then I realized the more people were turned of by the whistle then interested oh well...

  2. You were a crafty one! Everyone already knew about my hearing aids, (I wore my hair up a lot when I was younger) so it wasn't a secret. My friends still got a huge kick out of my hearing aids whistling, though. I remember a couple of people trying to convince me to make my hearing aids "sing" for the annual talent show... I respectully declined :)

  3. LOL, Joey. That's great.
    It is not too late for your band...

  4. PinkLAM, sounds like your friends had a good sense of humor, lol. That's great.
    Actually, everyone I knew or who were in my grade were very aware of my hearing aids. The poor little kindergartners were not.


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