March 21, 2011

I'm Stinky? What?

I thought one of my students said, "You are a little stinky."

I thought to myself, "What?! I took a shower this morning! How can I smell bad?!" I inconspicuously sniffed my armpits and then asked her to repeat herself.

She said, "Glue on my little pinky." (Indicating that she got glue on her little pinky)



  1. OMG this is really funny!!!!!
    I misheard alot of thing sometimes but not with my new hearing aids anymore!

  2. Oh dear. I know as much as what you were thinking, I'd would have done the same thing too, if I mis heard, and thought I heard what you did.

    I'm sure you smiled in the end though. I know I would have. :)

  3. :) LOL yeah
    I'm a proud owner of a top of the line hearing aids now.

  4. Interesting that everyone is talking about their new amazing hearing aids...I HATE mine, I don't like a computer changing the sounds they think I want to hear :(
    I am a power junkie and wish they woulda just left the darn things alone for those of us that have grown up on regular ole hearing aids...


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