February 5, 2010

Can Hearing Aids Electrocute You?

Most common questions and comments about my hearing aid from various hearing students:

1) Can hearing aids electrocute you? (when they get wet).

2) Is it connected to your brain?

3) How much do they cost? Fifty dollars?

4) What happens when you sweat a lot? Do you wash your hearing aid?

5) I want one. Do they come in pink?

6) Where do you buy them? Can you buy them at WalMart?

7) Is it attached to your ear? Does it hurt when you take it out?

8) Why don't you have the smaller one, like my grandpa has? He got it from the TV. (miracle ear)

9) I think they should make them bigger with flashing lights on them. That would be cool!

10) I want one! I think it would help me eavesdrop on my parents. They are always whispering about something.

11) Why are there stickers on your hearing aid?



  1. Haha! When I was a kid I was deathly afraid my hearing aids would electrocute me. I was terrified up until I gained the courage to ask my parents, and they reassured me.

  2. lol I get those questions all the time. Can hearing aids electrocute you is the funniest one. You ever have a patient dry a hearing aid in a mircrowave?

  3. Lol. I actually know someone who tried to dry his hearing aid in the microwave.


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  7. I think it would be more challenging and difficult to wearing them as a teen or adult. First, I would be more self conscious; second, I think it takes time for our brains to adjust and process sound.
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  8. Really, this is the great list. Those of us with CI's have to be carefull not to get to near strong magnetic devices. In your case I really wonder how that could happen but I'm not very familiar with those devices and they may, at close range put up a fairly strong magnetic field and that sure could cause some problems. Have no idea how close to his head he had it but if it lit up it sure detected the metal somewhere. Unfortunate and hope all comes out well.
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