February 23, 2010

What Not to Do With Your Hearing Aids

Dear students,
  • Please quit trying to trick your classroom teachers into thinking your hearing aids are "broken." I really do not have all the time in the world to travel over to your school to "fix" your hearing aids. 
  • Please do not, under no circumstances, pull your hearing aid out of your ear and smell your ear mold in front of me. It disgusts me. I hope you do not do this in public.
  • Also, I would appreciate it if some of you would stop cleaning the ear wax out of your mold with your pencil or a bent paper clip (I gave you a nice little cleaning kit for this purpose). If you choose to clean with unconventional tools, do it on your own time. I don't want to see it. 
  • When you change your hearing aid batteries, do not throw your old and worn out batteries onto the ground. Throw it in the trash. I don't care if we are outside. 
  • Do not throw your hearing aids in your book bag or put them in your pant pockets when you are not wearing them.  They have their own boxes for a reason. 
  • Stop giving me lame excuses for why you will not wear your hearing aids. "I hear real good today." "My dog died." (for the third time?) "It does not work." "My mom says I don't have to wear them today."
  • If your hearing aids are bothering you and cause bleeding, please let me or your teacher know! I don't want you to wear your hearing aids if they are really hurting you.
I love every one of you! Mwa!

Ms. (e


  1. I may or may not have been guilty at one point of number 2... like the new book widget.. I've read the majority of those books except the "Financial Abuse" that looks interesting. Have you read Bug: Deaf Identity and Internet Revelotion by Christopher Jon Heuer?

    Have a week..

  2. Ahh, number four I'm guilty of! But, rest assured, I do it very discreetly. ;) Not a student (nor yours), so I guess I can get away with it.


  3. LOL. You guys. :)

    Ok, I'll admit . . . I have been guilty number 4 and 5 when I was a kid.


  4. Joey,

    No, I am not familiar with that book, I'll check it out. Sounds interesting.



  5. This makes me giggle. I have witnessed the licking of one's molds but it wasn't my son. No, he is guilty of tossing his aides in the school garbage at age nine and I am certain the batteries were not dead.

    At a very young age his aides were connected by a cord. He thought it was a good idea to dangle one in the toilet and hold the other to go fishing. Thank goodness there were no "fish" in there. Thanks for a delightful post.

  6. haddy2dogs,

    LOL! Your son went "fishing" with them in a toilet? Oh dear.
    Actually, that's pretty clever of him. How creative.


  7. um, sometimes i want to smell Shannons ear molds. *sigh*

  8. I am glad to found this post. I have a friend who is new in using a hearing aid and I think he needs to know all those things.

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