March 16, 2010

My First and Last Acting Gig in a Deaf Student Film

Someone just reminded me that I acted in a student film while living in New York. I completely forgot about it. Wow, that was ages ago.

It was made by a deaf student (one of my classmates) and most of the actors were deaf and hard of hearing and the dialogue was predominately in ASL.

I don't know if she ever finished or released it. But, I hope, for the love of God, that I will never see the part I played. I am a horrible actress and absolutely hate being on camera. I would rather be behind the scenes. Somehow the director convinced me to be in the film. I played a "crazy" person in an insane asylum.

Why couldn't I be the person who sits in the background reading a newspaper? I have always wanted to be the over-acting extra in the background.

My hair was made to look stringy and greasy. My skin pale and dry looking. I think I wore pajamas.

When I was commanded to act "crazy" and yell into the camera several times, I think the director came to the realization that she made a mistake.

It was humiliating. I felt like I was being hazed for a sorority. She kept telling me to do it again and again and again. I don't think I ever got it right. Finally after what seemed like hours, she said that I did great, but I think she was just being nice.

Maybe they cut my part out. I certainly hope so!!! I would die if I see the film anywhere online and there I am.

It gives me the creeps thinking about it.

Overall, the experience of being a part of a film made by deaf people using ASL was interesting. I have been on several student films before (not acting) and they were nothing like this film. The actors were very good. They were very expressive and the use of ASL really added to the film. People were able to "talk" on the set because they were signing. The director could give directions via signs never making a sound. I developed a real appreciation for ASL being on the set of this movie.



  1. I am interested to know about this production. What was the overall premise of the film?

  2. (Laughing) Love it! I'd like to see that film! Nothing like giving acting your best shot! (yes, I've been there and yes, it was embarrassing!)

  3. Oh, we know you secretly have a copy somewhere.. Just put it up!

    Just kidding ;) At least you had a enough guts to follow through. I can relate to not having the best acting skills!

  4. J.J. - I don't remember what the movie was about. I think it was mainly a comedy. I remember they made a parody of the Sharon Stone scene in 'Basic Instinct' (you know where she crosses her legs ever so discreetly).

    Dianrez - Ugh, yes it was so embarrassing! At least now I know I was not meant to be an actress.

    PinkLAM - LOL. Nope. I have no such copy. You'll never see it--Never I say!


  5. I think I saw that movie. Now what was it called. Oh yes. "Elizabeth gets a make-over."

    Charming film. Led all others at the Cannes Film Festival for dream interpretations coming true.

    Great post you provided us. real as life itself. thanks.

    michael j
    Conshohocken PA USA

  6. I would die if I ever saw this clip at a film festival. My face a hundred times its size on the big screen? Yuck.(shudder)

    The appropriate title would be "Elizabeth Gets a Make-over and Acts Like a Lunatic While Making People Throw Up On the Spot."



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