March 12, 2010

Rare 1928 Helen Keller Clip (Captioned)

"I am not dumb now."




  1. Wonder film, many thanks for sharing that with us. Just a beautiful video.

    I am sure we all know that "dumb" means not able to speak.

    Did you noticed the speaker carefully stuck out her tongue to make sure Helen felt it? Interesting.

    I forward then to a couple of my friends and one felt the same.



  2. I should learn more about Helen Keller's life. I remember I was very interested in her as a child. Whenever I tried to talk about my life and my culture (although I didn't recognize it as a culture when I was a child) I was always told about Helen Keller. I read books about her. I thought she was awesome.

    I now realize that people perceived me as being the same as Helen Keller. I still think Helen Keller is awesome, but I am not similar to her. I wonder what her life was really like. At least she got to meet the President of the United States.


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