March 25, 2010

Weird Dream: Keith Wann Forbade Me To Wear My Hearing Aid

I think I have been spending too much time writing my blog and reading other blogs about deafness related issues.

I had a lot of strange dreams last night about not being able to wear my hearing aid while attending an event hosted by Keith Wann. He made me take it out for some reason. He said something about how it was interfering with his radio.

I remember having to deal with captioning issues. One neat part of my dream was when I could use a device to caption in real life what people were saying in a crowd. I used a device that created speaking bubbles above their heads. However, it captioned what I really heard, not what they were really saying. So instead of the speaking bubbles containing clear understandable sentences, they would look something like, 

"DfRehghgdvh it was chjgfd. You know hjdgsdgy jdhagdy bhgddi? Sometimes, I do not sfghy!"

It was a nightmare.




  1. I'm posting about the same thing tomorrow! I keep dreaming that I wear hearing aids but I can't find them.

    Don't you think we should be dreaming we're on a wonderful vacation instead of this silly stuff?

  2. lol, too bad you couldn't take the captioning device back to get it upgraded and/or get a refund xD This gives me an idea for a parody.

    At least you aren't dreaming of flying pink elephants (or dreaming of yourself being chased by Freddy Krueger and meeting a death similar to Carlos's death)... Though a world full of unintelligible captions seems almost as bad as the treatment Freddy gave Carlos o_0

  3. so am I the Freddy Krueger of the ASL World? a new career move!
    smile big!

  4. codawann - LOL. At least you weren't violent and you did not try to kill me. Thank you for that. :) That would be a funny sketch-you being the Freddy Krueger of the ASL World.

    Did you know that in one of his movies, Freddy Krueger actually tortured and killed someone using their hearing aid?

    By the way, I use your interpretation of "The Hungry Caterpillar" with my students. They love it! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. J.J.-I don't know, I think I would rather deal with captioning problems and no hearing aid than to have my head explode like Carlos. LOL. But, then again, I may rather have my head explode.

    Let me know about your parody idea--would love to hear about it. :)

    JoeyRes- Yes, why wasn't I dreaming about being on a tropical island somewhere sipping on a margarita? Oh, well. Weird that you dreamt about wearing hearing aids and not finding them. I look forward to reading about it. :)

  6. i did NOT know that about that hearing aid, so now that's even scarier...haha
    Thank you for the nice words about the ASL story hungry caterpillar, i am sure you have seen this month's? That VRS company I am a part of (wink wink) is hosting a new story every month.
    this month i did "papa do you love me?" next month is crom saunders doing where the wild things are...
    dial on your videophone
    smile big
    and no one will be killed with a hearing aid in my stories! BUTTTT you need to see Crom's show, he does a skit about a Killer hearing aid..that!


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