March 5, 2010

Yes, I Know. Thank You.

I often see a little of myself as a kid with a hearing loss in some of my d/hh students. Some of them do exactly what I used to do when I was their age. It's so strange to see the past repeat itself. For example, one of my students often say, "Whoop" or "Oop" instead of "Whoops" or "Oops." I used to do the very same thing until someone corrected me.

With one of my students, whenever she is complimented she usually says, "Yes," "Yup, I know," or "Uh, huh, I know." The other day her classmate said to her, "Ooh! I like your drawing!" My student responded, "Yup, I know."

I have told her quite a few times that it is nicer to smile and say, "Thank you." We have been over this several times over the past two weeks.

This morning I told her, "Wow! You look so pretty today!" She smiled and opened her mouth, then paused a moment. She was thinking, which was good.

Finally she said, "Yes, I know. Thank you!"

LOL. I love my students. :)



  1. My sister teaches deaf kids in a mainstream program. I hear all kinds of similar stories from her too. It's the good teachers that makes a world of difference. ;)

  2. "Yes, I know." LOL. No really, thank you Candy. :)

  3. I really enjoy reading your teacher stories, Elizabeth.

  4. I say "whoop" all the time! Never struck me as anything out of the ordinary. I'll probably always say that.


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