April 30, 2010

ABR Hearing Tests Are Fun!

I showed my mom the clip of the young lady under the influence of anesthesia after her wisdom teeth were taken out. If you have not seen this clip, please do. It is hilarious. At least I think it is. 

She said it reminded her of the time I got my ABR (auditory brain stem response) hearing test. Before I tell you the short story, let me explain what an ABR is for those who don't know. It is a hearing test conducted on infants and very young children. It basically measure's the brain's response to sounds. This test is usually done on this age group because you cannot put a baby in a booth and ask him to raise his hand if he hears the tones, right? For the test to be effective, the child has to be absolutely still. Therefore the doctor or nurse will administer a mild sedative to help the child sleep. Then they add electrodes to the head (small pads) to record the electrical responses.

Here is a picture of a newborn getting an ABR test:

Ok, so I was two years old and my mom took me to the hospital to get an ABR test. Unfortunately, when they gave me a sedative it had the opposite effect. I was wide awake but somewhat drowsy at the same time. They thought that perhaps it would help me fall asleep if they wheeled me around in a wheelchair. My mom said that I acted like an overly friendly drunk person. I waved at everyone slurring my words as I jubilantly greeted everyone. I also was yelling, "Whee! Whee!" and laughing hysterically. I had a blast.
I wish I have a video of this.

Later, they gave me some more sedatives and I instantly fell asleep.

You can guess what my results were from the hearing test.

I believe I started wearing hearing aids soon after.


*Click here to read about hearing tests done on pets.


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