April 17, 2010

Deaf Contestant on The Price is Right

I like to show this video to my students. It is a fun way to reinforce the idea of not letting your "disability" keep you from participating in things you enjoy or want to do. If you want to be on The Price is Right, go right ahead and give it your best shot. :)

And yes, I am aware that this video has been posted already on DeafRead a while ago. Hopefully, some of you have not seen this yet. 

(via pressmin)



  1. Eliz,

    Many thanks for posting the presence of second deaf contestant on "Price is Right". I never seen this one. :)

    I also never seen the footage of first deaf contestant bsck to last four years ago.

    Thanks a zillion times for enclosing the footage from few months ago. :)


  2. Woohoo! Go Christine!! :D PB pie! hehehe, though I'd have to make mine using soymilk or almond milk, and use vegan vanilla pudding instead! Yum!

  3. sorry typos on the other one !

    We really struggle with these things don't we ? If deaf go on a TV show it is so mind boggling we have to talk about it in depth. What we are doing is the opposite of what we are campaigning FOR, i.e. acceptance without any fuss deaf that disabled people can do exactly the same as anyone else, I know!

    In the UK when this happens many disability or deaf boards immediately log in to criticise... the deaf person taking part ! They are immediately scrutinised as to how deaf they are or how good or reflective on us their communication was.

    It isn't a novelty deaf people can do game shows, or run, walk or do anything else hearing do. we read of many deaf backing off participations because of negative feedback from their own. Perhaps its just a Brit thing, we abhor success !

    I just read on one deaf board about Marlee Matlin, the comment said "Why doesn't she speak ? we know she can..." we are our own worst enemy possibly.

  4. is she unable to speak as well?


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