April 22, 2010

IEP Checklist iPhone Application


(via nurvee)


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this app! I have downloaded it and will try it out, but I must admit, I have doubts about its usability. An IEP is a HUGE document, and I would never want to try to type it all into an iPhone. If you can sync it with something on a computer, fine, but each school district has a completely different way of doing IEPs, so I'm not sure how that would work. One would also have to be careful about confidentiality. If a teacher lost their phone, the information could fall into the wrong hands.

  2. Neato... the iPhone truly has everything. I have its poor little sister, T-Mobile's G1 Android.

    My mom would've loved that back in the day. TOOOO many IEP meetings for this girl growing up.

    Just wanted to say hi and come out of the woodworks. I've been following your blog for about two weeks and I enjoy it. Keep it up!

  3. Good points Anonymous. I don't have an iPhone myself. I wondered how well this would work too. But, still it is a great idea.

    shefrolics- Hello! Welcome. Thanks, I am glad you enjoy my blog. I will try my best to keep at it. I am really enjoying this now and I am hoping I will be able to keep this obsession going for a while. :)


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