Detailed Description Of My Deafness (Audiogram Included)

One question I am frequently asked is, "What can you hear? How do you hear?"

I noticed that in my blog, I have not gone into details about my deafness. I thought it would be interesting, to those who really want to know, for me to provide the most detailed description of my deafness that I possibly can.

Basically, I have moderately severe-profound sloping deafness in my left ear (moderately severe-severe in frequencies lower than 1000 Hz and profound deafness in 1000 Hz and higher) and moderate-severe deafness in my right ear only in the high frequencies (higher than 750 Hz). I have typical hearing in the lower frequencies, 250 Hz-750 Hz.

I can't hardly hear anything in my left ear (I can feel vibrations and hear low and loud booms). For example, I am unable to talk on the phone using my left ear. I have always talked on the phone using my right ear.

I can hear fairly well with my right ear except in the high frequencies; I have trouble hearing whispering, water running, certain high pitch tones, voices of children, everyday speech, etc.).

From my most recent audiological examination from 2006:

The results of that examination revealed her hearing on the right side fall within normal limits only to 750 Hz. Thereafter, there was a rapid decrease in thresholds to 1500 Hz, with stabilized thresholds in the moderate loss range to the higher frequencies. 
On the left side, there was a moderate to profound sloping sensorineural loss to 1000 Hz, with no recordable thresholds at the higher frequencies. 
Tympanograms were normal. 

My audiologist's informal analysis of my deafness was, "Wow! You weren't kidding! You really can't hear too well!" 
Here are my results graphed on an audiogram:

(The red markings symbolize my right ear, and the black markings symbolize my left ear)

*dB means decibel (loudness or intensity of sounds)
*Hz means Hertz (pitch or frequency of sounds)

Here is a blank audiogram with pictures: 


If there is anyone reading this who could perhaps explain my hearing loss a little better or in a clearer way (based on the audiogram), please feel free to email me or leave a comment.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how I hear and how I can't hear.


*Useful audiogram information from
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