May 29, 2010

Hearing Aid Shaped Tan Mark! (Oh, The Things I Do For My Blog)

Summer is here! 

I took an old hearing aid and made a special hearing aid tan mark on my leg to celebrate. : )

Disclaimer: Do NOT do the same with your current hearing aid. Direct sunlight is not good for hearing aids. I used an old one I no longer use. Also, I do not advocate tanning. I avoid it like the plague. This will be the only time I will spend time "tanning" which is to create a hearing tan mark for this post. 

Bizarre, I know. I also think it is hilarious. 

 (Picture in 'contrast' to show more of the tan mark)



  1. Very cool! And a nice bit of vitamin D while you are at it!

  2. hahaha That's hilarious. ;)

  3. That's awesome. I hope it stays for a while xD

  4. Wow! Nice mark! You are not shy about your disability. Person like you should be admired.

  5. That is punk rock! I love it. My readers will love to see this!


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