May 15, 2010

Oh, You Have A Hearing Loss? OK, WELL, AS, I, WAS, SAYING . . .

I had an encounter with a guy at a gas station near the school district I work at.

The first thing he asked was, "Where are you from?"

I told him and he seemed surprised my my answer (I was born and raised in the south).

"Sounds like you have an accent."

I told him that I get that all the time. Some people think I am from the north, mostly New York or Boston. Sometimes they can't quite figure out where I could be from.

I then told him that my unique accent was due to my hearing loss that I've had since I was two at least.

He started asking me questions about what I do and where I teach. I noticed that his voice grew louder and he talked at a slower rate. Then it was almost as if he was shouting. He meant well. He may not even realize he was doing it. I did not have the heart to tell him that he did not need to shout. But, I heard everything he said, for sure! Loud and clear.

Usually, this never happens. I do not often come across strangers or acquaintances, who speak louder once they learn that I have some deafness.  If this happened all the time, then I would have to say something.



  1. I just give them a shock look or the same look when someone blast their radio. That always seem to fix it.

  2. While it's annoying when people automatically turn the volume up, I really appreciate that they are trying to do what's needed to be heard. Often I'll explain that I read lips and it's not necessary to shout.


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