May 1, 2010

Why I Like My BTE Hearing Aid

1) Obviously, it helps me hear better. With my hearing aid, my hearing is not perfect, but it is definitely better.

2) I can decorate it with
different stickers.

3) I can choose the color and design of my ear
mold. I currently sport a blue and white ear mold.

4) Whenever I want to escape irritating noise, I can turn off my hearing aid or press a button to block out the noise. It acts as an instant ear plug. I do this often when I have to sit in on a horrible school band or sit in a
noisy school cafeteria.

5) It can be a conversation starter. "Are you deaf?" "What is that thing in your ear?" "Are those stickers?"

6) I think it looks cute. Like a little plastic shrimp.

7) It helps others be more aware that I have trouble hearing, especially since it is more visible now with the blue and white ear mold.

What do you like about your hearing aid?


*BTE - Behind-The-Ear

1 comment:

  1. what I like about my BTW hearing aid is they're sophitcicated and excellent feeatures!

    BTW, I'm now moderately-severe since it was revealed in 06 but it's still good :)


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