June 22, 2010

The Super Devoted Guard

There was this guard who stood in one place by the entrance of where the HLAA convention was held. He was completely still and I swore he was asleep, but his eyes were open. I did not really look at him, I did not want to stare. He stood there for a really long time. A few hours would pass when I would leave to get lunch and he was still there standing. What a boring job.

I never noticed that he was standing behind these ropes, as if he was an art exhibit. After a few more times passing the guard (after hours each time) I realized that he was a fake.

I believe this piece is by a Milwaukee-based artist, Marc Sijan. His figures look so real. They are incredible. I would like one for my house, to keep the burglars away. 



  1. That's awesome! I want to stick him in the front of the library and see how many double takes he gets!

  2. Wow ! That is so spooky, but I am willing to bet my guide dog Sissi would have clicked right away. Regards, Judith

  3. LOL I saw that and did a double-take and then I realized it was fake. Good for a laugh!

  4. That guard was creepy. If you're getting one for your home's protection, make sure he's good looking!!!

  5. haha, There is a wax museum near where I live and when I was a girl, I thought the wax version of they had Abraham Lincoln was real (it was my first wax person I viewed) and it freaked me out! To make matter worst, they added a special effect to make him look like he was talking.

    I believe there is a movie called Wax Museum.


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