June 22, 2010

Surprised By Lack of Captions!

During some presentations at the HLAA convention in Milwaukee, I was really surprised and disappointed by how a lot of videos were not captioned or subtitled. Even though they provided captions on another screen (typed by captionist in the room) it was not fun to look back and forth at the captions and then the video. It was like watching a tennis match. "Wait, what did she say?" (Look to the right at the captions). "Oh." "Wait, what?" (Look to the right again, then back to the video). I felt bad for those in the audience who were severely or profoundly deaf in both ears.

Some hearing aid professionals showed a commercial about a new hearing device. A commercial made for deaf and hard of hearing consumers, its target audience, yet it was not captioned. It looked really cool and all, but most of us with a hearing loss could not hear what was being said, of course. The captions appeared on another screen on the other side of the room. It was hard to look back and forth from the advertisement to the captions.

A lot of clips from news and films that were shown for other presentations were not captioned.

I was surprised at the lack of captioning. You would think that they would try to add captions or subtitles before showing it to hundreds of people who have trouble hearing. It can't be hard to do, or is it?

I wondered what happened. Did they forget? Were they being thoughtless? Were they not able to caption the videos? 

This should be something future presenters should keep in mind for the next convention. Please don't forget to add captions to whatever videos you decide to show!


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  1. Ew. That doesn't sound like fun. I hope it was just technical issues and they can resolve them next time.


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