July 18, 2010

Create Your Own Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

I found an article that explains how you can make your own sunrise simulator alarm clock. Waking up to the room gradually brightening, simulating a sunrise, sounds a lot more pleasant than waking up to the loud buzzing of an alarm or a vibrating bed startling you out of a peaceful sleep.

However, this DIY project seems a bit complicated and may be only for those who are comfortable working with electrical items or who are technological savvy.

If you feel you would rather skip making the sunrise simulator alarm device, then you can buy one. They sell them at various places. I have seen them at Walmart and Target. Or search Amazon.com for a sunrise alarm clock.

BioBrite Digital SunRise Alarm Clock (Model 88628W) With White Noise      

I may consider getting one. It sure would be a nice way to wake up, especially when I am going to have to start waking up at the crack of dawn when I start working.


* Article cited:  http://www.electrobob.com/sunrise_simulator/

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