July 23, 2010

Hearing Loop Installed In Subways

Awesome, NYC has decided to install the hearing loop system for people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-switch or T-coil! This means that the sounds being projected (such as announcements) will go directly into the hearing aids or cochlear implants of the persons wearing them.

Here is a brief article about it. Unfortunately, it focuses on senior citizens, promoting the stigma that only the elderly struggle with hearing loss. But, I am happy to hear that they are providing this technology in much needed areas such as subways. Hopefully, other businesses and places will catch on and install hearing loop systems.

Now we just need to start educating hearing aid users about the T-coil or T-switch option and hearing loop systems. I was never fully educated about how it really works until I went to my first HLAA convention this year. Before, I was only told that the T-coil mode can be used when speaking on the phone. I ended up never using the T-coil when talking on the phone. I used it more for when I wanted quiet. When I choose this option,  it instantly blocks out all outside noises and adds what sounds like white noise. I did not know anything about the hearing loop system until this year. After trying it out at a booth showcasing the technology, I could not believe how well it works. I loved it. Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

I will need to start meeting up with the local HLAA chapter and help them advocate for more hearing loop systems to be installed in various places.

Those of you in the market for a new hearing aid, please be sure to ask about the t-coil and how it works with hearing loop systems!



    1. I can help you reach out to the NYC HLAA chapter, as well as get connected with people our age. Are you familiar with Sveta K or Ingrid B? If not, let me see if I can put them in touch with you. HLAAKC@gmail.com

    2. Cool. Thanks. But, at the moment I do not live in the New York City area. But, I will probably contact the chapter anyway. I would be interested in what they do and meeting the members.

      Thank you,



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