July 13, 2010

See How It Is Said: New Online Spanish Dictionary Video Pronunciation

There is a free online Spanish dictionary program, SpanishDict.com, where you can look up words and translate English words into Spanish words. Usually, you have two options: read the words in written form and listen to them being pronounced. Now, they are experimenting with using videos of native Spanish speakers saying the words. This way you can see and/or hear how the word is pronounced. The creators of this learned that for many people, it helps to see native speakers pronouncing the new words they are learning. I thought this was an excellent idea especially for those who are deaf and hard of hearing and need to see how the words are pronounced. Personally, seeing someone say the word helps me tremendously. 

Here is a link to one with a video example of the word llegar: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/llegar

It will look like this:  New! Video pronunciation.

This company will be filming my boyfriend, a native Spanish speaker, pronouncing various Spanish words. I think he will be doing at least 2,500 words! It should be interesting and I am hoping this will work out and that they will start using videos on their site.



  1. This site seems pretty cool! I'm glad they have free visual tools like on the ASL sites.

    SpanishDict seems to be a slightly better spelling than SpanishDic :D


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