September 15, 2010

The Benefits of Teaching My Boyfriend Sign Language

Little by little, I have been teaching my boyfriend sign language (finger spelling and ASL).

He has been doing a wonderful job so far!

Sign language is useful for when we need to talk privately, when we can't talk or use our voices, or when we just want to communicate with each other from across a room or distance. The other day, we were sitting outside the apartment under my neighbor's window which happened to be open. We were able to have a full discussion, silently, even though it took a while as my boyfriend struggled to finger-spell and remember certain signs.

I will sometimes sign when I am so mad that I don't want to speak. He thinks it is cute when I do this, which infuriates me even more.

He often uses it when I have trouble hearing him. He doesn't have to yell or repeat himself again and again trying not to get mad.

It is especially nice when we want to be romantic or sweet without using any words. I like it when he makes an 'E' hand shape and put it over his heart and smile. 

I would say that sign language adds to the relationship and has brought us even closer. 



  1. Oh, I remember that very well. We're the same boat.

    My hearing husband and I have been together for almost 20 years overall (before and after married altogether).

    There is one thing we never forget is that we slept together for the first time. There was raining, especially, the bad thunder all night. When he got up during the night, he saw me sleeping through and told himself, "my girlfriend is very, very lucky bitch!"

    That was fun!

    Watch out for him if he sleeps with you during the bad weather. ;-)

  2. So nice that he is willing to learn ASL.

  3. Great post. Now I (the hearing one) just have to convince my boyfriend (the deaf one) to sign. Im all for it but he's more reculent. And there are some many times that I dont want to yell what im saying just so he can hear it.


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