September 8, 2010

Poem: Hearing Aid, Hearing Aid

Hearing aid, Hearing aid

Hearing aid, hearing aid
What do you hear?
Be it far or be it near.
Tell me, please
What sounds there might be,
in this big world of places to see.

Hearing aid, hearing aid
Listen to me.
Listen ever so carefully.
Did you hear that sound in the
middle of the night?
Was it a cat or
a monster giving fright?

Hearing aid, hearing aid
Where can you be?
I’ve searched around endlessly,
You were just sitting on
the edge of the pool.
Did you sink to the bottom?
Or float to the top?
Maybe a child stole you.

Or maybe you grew legs,
and just ran away
Tired of doing a tireless job
That gets no pay.

Written by Rachel Horowitz

1 comment:

  1. This is a great description as to what it can feel like to be have hearing loss. My cousin is deaf. She can read lips and that helps her a great deal. However, she can get a great deal frustrated sometimes looking for her hearing aid. hearing aids


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