September 6, 2010

Poet Writes About My Hearing Aid

I went to a book festival the other day, mainly to support my friend who just recently wrote and published a book.

There was a booth in front of an art gallery where people were writing free poems on demand about anything you request. I thought it would be interesting to request a poem about my hearing aid.

The poet smiled and said, "Hearing aid. All right." He immediately started writing. I thought he would at least look at my hearing aid or ask some questions about it.

This is what he wrote:

"hearing aid"

as if, what to manage but a
whisper from a shell, as if we were
swallows perched along the line
and would, of a simple word from you,
bow our heads, salute you, take
the skies. 

JS 9/04

What? I was very disappointed.
Do you guys like it? Am I missing something here?

If you think you can do better, email me your poems about my hearing aid, with or without stickers. If they are good, I will post them here on my blog with your permission. 

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  1. I kind of like it, myself. The poet uses visual imagery to depict the phenomena of hearing and, possibly, the miracle of the sense of hearing. As I read it and try different ways of experiencing the poem, I can almost feel the right side of my brain activating, because of all the visual-spatial, non-linear thought process. Not the left-brained way I usually thing. interesting. parallel to viewing abstract impressionism or surrealistic art. both word and visual artistry bypass the linear mind and communicate in symbols.

  2. oops, typo: not the way I usually THINK, I meant to say.

  3. Thanks. I know you meant 'Think'. :) Interesting take on the poem. Hmm, now that you put it that way, I am starting to like the poem.

    I guess I wanted a more literal piece.

    This is what I love about art--everyone has a different outlook or experience.


  4. I thought the same thing you did.


    Now, I wonder how many of this same poem JS has written. One for every 10 people?

    Written in '04?


  5. 9/04 - september 04. Not 2004

  6. BigBenFactor,

    It would have been nice if the poet made an effort to write down the year. 9/04 does look like September 2004.



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