September 24, 2010

Quack, This is How You Say "Quack" in Sign Language

I am enjoying my time in Virginia, near the DC area, visiting my sister and her family. I have two adorable little nieces, Charlotte and Emily. Charlotte is four and Emily is seven. I have the hardest time understanding their little voices. It makes me sad that I can't understand what they are saying most of the times. They try to be patient as they repeat themselves over and over again.

So, I have been teaching them some signs, hoping they will pick some useful ones up to help us communicate.

Ty Beanie Babies - Quackers the DuckThe other day, Charlotte asked me how to sign "Quack" (as in a duck goes "Quack"). She was clutching her yellow stuffed duck which she named "Quack." I said that I was not sure but showed her the sign for duck and said that it should be a suitable sign for quack.

She did the sign and with a serious look, she picked up her duck and said, "OK, Quack, this is how you say quack in sign language." She showed him the sign a few times as he stared at her blankly.

Kids are so funny sometimes!



  1. I really enjoy your site.
    Heidi Peden
    Gaithersburg, MD

  2. Thank you! Glad that you came by. :)



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