September 8, 2010

A Reader's Poem About Her Hearing Aid

Small pieces of plastic,
so tiny, yet bringing forth such passion.
Causing joy, causing pain
sometimes one emotion 
smothering the other.
Sometimes each vying for power.

I hear sounds never imagined before -
birds chirping, doorbells ringing,
even lisps in the spoken words
of those Others I envisioned as perfect,
the auditory equivalent of beautiful celebrities.
(My own reality is deemed flawed, less-than,
certainly not beautiful,
unsure of where voices are coming from,
not hearing ends of words
and sometimes, guessing what those perfect
Others said, in an attempt to blend into their world.)

I hear unpleasant noise as well,
and the music on the radio sounds tinny, 
not at all the way it does in my head.
All the noise and hustle and bustle of life
is tiresome and I long to arrive home,
take off my shoes and my hearing aids
and luxuriate in a muted world, my world,
where I hear things my way. 
Flawed and imperfect, perhaps, but still, my reality.

My reality is not of total silence, as hearing people assume,
but of sound turned down, 
of voices spoken softly, 
of words not articulated clearly, 
of people responding to unheard environmental cues.  
My reality also means making a conscious decision
when to enter their reality.
If you are important enough to me,
I will perhaps - if my ears don't ache, if my brain can handle the stimuli -
choose to put those small, emotion-laden pieces of plastic
in my ears and join your world, your reality.

I can never be a total participant in your world -
too many missed cues, too many lips I cannot read -
but you forget that and get angry or impatient with me when I look
blankly at you or smile and nod.
This does not make me want to spend more time in your world,
you know.
It does not seem like a kind world, a forgiving world.
I prefer my muted world, the auditory equivalent of
an Impressionist painting, blurred around the edges
but still the flowers and people bursting with colors all their own.


*Poem written by Jan Parlin Pacelli. Thank you for sharing!

 Anyone else?


  1. These poems are great, but I have to be brutally honest... I can't image writing a poem about my hearing aids or even drawing art on it. To me, it's like writing a poem about my shoes. I guess it has to do with it being based around an object? I have no idea why I feel that way. Sorry...yikes

    I like poem that deal with in depth feelings or use their senses that describe beauty and such. I am positive that deaf people can write poems based using the senses they have rather it it their hearing aids/CI or their eyes. I think it would be more fun to see hearing people asking "wait a minute, is she deaf? does she wear hearing aids" and have them all these group discussion what the author is going though and what are her feelings and such.

  2. I asked others to send me poems about their hearing aids. It is in response to the poet who wrote about my hearing aid (in my earlier post: Poet Writes About My Hearing Aid).

    You can view a hearing aid as only an 'object', but to some of us it is more than that. Everyone has different ideas of hearing aids and CIs.

    We are just having a little fun here, that's all. I am interested to see how people express their feelings about their hearing aids through poetry.

    By the way, those who want to send me poems about their CIs--send away!



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