September 14, 2010

What the Heck Chewed On My Hearing Aid Ear Mold?

What chewed on my ear mold?!

A cockroach? A tiny mouse?
Was it you Dr. Evil Mike?

Thank goodness the damage is minimal. I don't know if you can see it in the pictures.

What do you guys think chewed on my ear mold?


*Update: It was most likely a gecko, from when I was in Honduras. Eek!


  1. Don't you put your hearing aids in it's protective box when your not wearing them?

    You don't have a mouse problem do you? I can't think of anything else. :)

  2. could be your fingernails when you take it off. You probably don't realize you are slowly chiseling it away.

  3. !%@#%! Curses! My plot exposed!

    First some info.

    How old is it?
    What kind of material is it?
    And, do you really have a cochroach or mouse infestation in your house?

  4. Yikes! You don't have any cats or dogs? I was told they love ear molds. creepers.

  5. This is a true story. About 20 years ago, my hearing aid just disappeared from my upstairs bedroom when I woke up from a nap. I thought someone broke in to my house but nothing is missing except my hearing aid. In about 5 months later, I finally found it in the basement among the several junks that my cat had hidden from me – she hid them all under enclosed basement stairway. The ear mold was nearly completely chewed off. So obviously, cat loves ear molds!

  6. Gotta say those look like mouse teeth marks, but I remember somewhat similar damage I managed to cause my own earmold by catching the tip of it in the zipper of its little pouch that I keep it in when traveling (wind noise makes it useless in the car). Right down to the little bite-looking marks, made by the zipper itself.

    Here's hoping you just need to be more careful with a zipper than that you have an actual infestation of whatever kind of critters like to nibble on ear-scented silicone.


  7. It was you Mike! I knew it! You have gone too far. I'll get you for this!


    Good guesses--some I did not think of. Thanks!

    The ear mold is fairly new (less than a year old). It is made of silicone.

    I doubt we have a mouse infestation.

    We do not currently have any cats or dogs here.

    Could possibly be a roach. It could be from constant wear and tear--or from my fingernail as I pull out my hearing aid or from a zipper.

    Maybe it has been there for a while and I am just noticing it. My boyfriend said that he remembered me mentioning it while we were in Honduras--where he says he knows that the cockroaches could have gotten to it.

    Whatever it is, it is not that big of a deal--unless it signifies that the apt. has mice! Yikes.


  8. Liz,

    You are right. I have started putting my hearing aid in its hearing aid box at night. Before, I have always just left it out on a table or nightstand.


  9. Candy and Anon -

    I did not know that cats like to eat ear molds. That is so weird! Yuck.



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