September 28, 2010

What to Do With Your Hearing Aids

A while ago I wrote a post to my students about what not to do with your hearing aids. This time I would like to write a note to them about what they should do with their hearing aids.

Dear Students,
  • Do learn to clean the wax out of your hearing aids' ear molds and tubes. Stop letting others do it for you. You are more than capable of doing it yourself. 
  • Do learn to change your tube. It is easy to do and will save you money and a trip to the audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. 
  • Do decorate your hearing aids with stickers or rhinestones, if you wish. 
  • Do learn to change the battery when it goes dead. 
  • Do get in the habit of putting your hearing aids in their boxes when you are not wearing them. Otherwise they might get lost, damaged, or something may decide to chew on the ear mold
  • Do show your hearing aids to others or let others know you wear them. Wear your hair up, show them off. Tell others about your hearing aids.
  •  Do tell me or your teachers when they are irritating you or not working.
  • Do take them out or turn them off when you want to relax and read a book or do something quietly. Sometimes you need a break from listening. 
  • Do realize how expensive and fragile they are. They are not toys. I don't want to see one of you pretend that your hearing aid is a spaceship shooting laser beams at my forehead again. 


  1. I need to show this to my son! c:

  2. Great! You should also show him my "What Not to Do With Your Hearing Aids" post. :)



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