October 11, 2010

Difference Between CART and C-Print

CART and C-Print are both speech to text systems used by deaf and hard of hearing people needing access to spoken language in certain situations, unless one decides to use a sign language interpreter.

They are both different. With CART, everything spoken is turned into text verbatim; word for word. C-Print interprets the content of what is said.

Here is a link to a site which clearly explains how they are both different using comparison charts and examples:

So, for me, because English is my native language which I am most comfortable with, I would use CART. C-Print is more appropriate for those more interested in the content of what is being spoken.



  1. Hey, are you aware of http://www.fedrcc.us/fedrcc/ ??

    I think it is a service provided to those that are federal employees or state, but do contact them and find out who can participate. Maybe there are other services like that.

    FedRCC is cool, if I need to participate in conference calls, I don't always understand everyone 100% because it is on speaker. So, ahead of time, I would call FedRCC, set up the time, give them the number and the access code. I just go straight to FedRCC and access my slot, from there everything that is said is typed on a screen on my laptop. It's not 100% perfect but, close enough. There is a delay of maybe about 5-10 seconds. Better than nothing tho. And, it is cheaper than CART (according to agency I work for). My EO conference uses that instead of CART and what is said is splashed on a big screen. The specifics on what equipment they use, I'm not sure. Like you, I prefer CART too.

  2. Thanks so much Candy! I have not heard of this service. I am going to check it out.



  3. Thanks for clarifying the difference. I also appreciated the link - it has a wealth of other resources as well. Thanks for sharing!


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