October 16, 2010

My Hearing Loss Sometimes Scares Me!

I was in my apartment washing the dishes. I was not wearing my hearing aid which made the sounds of the rushing water and the clanking of the plates duller and softer. I saw my boyfriend leave the apartment, saying he'll be right back. I continued washing the dishes. A few minutes later, I heard my boyfriend's voice. Since, I have no concept of where sounds come from (I have trouble locating sound sources) I thought that perhaps he was outside the door to the apartment and he needed help getting in. I opened the door, and he was not there. No one was there.


I screamed.

He was standing right behind me.

He was alarmed by the fact that I did not hear him come in the apartment and walk right by me. He was trying to talk to me from another room in the place, when I thought that perhaps he was outside.




  1. lol!!

    Without hearing aids, that happens.


  2. Interesting how a moderate Hearing loss hear without their hearing aids. Me- I can't hear anything without my hearing aids (silent). Never could. Unless a dog is barking next to my ears (which I'm glad I left that ear unimplanted). btw, close distanced very low sounds is muffled.

  3. Without Implant and Hearing Aid, I don't really hear anything. Last night I discovered that a surround system just next to my ear will make me jump and try to work out why I can hear it.... we was watching a film, took my hearing aid out then i could hear banging... I was like huh? then asked my boyfriend and he pointed to the system just not far from my ear.

  4. I could see the exact same thing happening to me!

  5. haha gives you a fright doesn't it? When I was still living at home, my brother walked into my room and I had no idea. I got the shock of my life when I turned around to find him there!

  6. If that happen to me I will react just what you did. It is a very scary situation. Losing our hearing is going to be a very painful situation.

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  7. This happens to me a lot. Fabulous Husband usually waves in my line of vision. There are times he gently touches me, and I jump out of my skin as well, because I think I'm the only one here. Our new home doesn't have floors that vibrate when someone is walking around me. I miss that kind of "clue".


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