November 7, 2010

Amusing "Super Hearing" Hearing Aid Commercial

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For those who can't hear what is being said or having trouble what is being said, sorry that there is no transcript. The transcribe audio caption feature works OK. I could barely hear what was being said half the time anyway. But, it is hilarious to watch! It's a riot!

According to their website, this As Seen on TV product is supposed to give you "sonic hearing" amplifying sounds as far as 90 feet. It is made to look like you are wearing a blue tooth headset, so it looks as if you don't have super sonic hearing or that you are trying to eavesdrop on your neighbors.

It is only $19.95! Why can't hearing aids be this cheap?! We should all just start wearing these over the counter "hearing aids" and boycott the hearing aid industry demanding that they lower their prices or at least have insurance cover most of the costs.

It seems as if this personal sound amplifier device is marketed towards people with typical hearing. I can see the appeal for amplified hearing. It is a cool idea that by using this small device, you could overhear what someone is saying 90 feet away, I suppose. But, what worries me is that the device supposedly amplifies sounds up to 50 decibels. Wouldn't this damage someone's hearing, if they used this device constantly? Conversations within close range are typically at 60 decibels. What if you were using the device set to the highest level, to listen to your neighbors talk (eavesdrop), and then someone within close range started talking to you? With the device, would their voice be amplified to 110 decibels? That would be horrible! If this happened frequently, I would think that over time you would lose your hearing.

There are so many over the counter hearing aid commercials. They are all quite amusing to watch. Many of these commercials can be found on YouTube. Type "hearing aid commercial" in the search box and see what you come up with.

Here is another one:

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Have any of you tried these products? If so, how did they work? Would love to hear from those who have tried it! Please leave comments describing your experiences.



  1. Sad!! Although these commercials feature a lot of young actors, the target audience is Senior Citizens with limited income and resources (and little knowledge about hearing aids).

    These devices are not designed with individual hearing loss in mind -- one size fits all. Hearing aids (and cochlear implants) are designed to amplify specific hearing frequencies, based on the person's unique audiogram.

    I have tried several of these, and wasted $19.95 several times... THEY DON'T WORK, except for people with normal hearing who want to "spy" on what other people are saying (or hunters who want to hear the deer chatting in the forest!)...

    Nice post.. I got a good laugh!

  2. Glad you got a good laugh! No matter how many times I watch these ridiculous commercials I have to snicker.


  3. Those commercial are very informative. It is very fun to watch and you will easily get the message that they want to say. I love those videos.

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  4. Thanks for sharing dear. I am was born hard of hearing, my audiogram is about the same will have to look it up. I thank you for your research.


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