November 19, 2010

Random Find: 'ILY' Trash

Found this today on the ground in front of a school.

                       *Photo taken by (e

As I walked outside of a school to my car I saw a dirty blue glove on the ground. I did a double take and saw that the dirty blue glove was making the 'ILY' sign (the ubiquitous 'I Love You' in sign language).


I took a picture of course. I thought it was interesting that I saw something like this as I was leaving the school, because moments before, an interpreter had given me a big hug and said, "I appreciate everything you do! I'm so glad you are here!" Aaw. She almost made me cry. So, I was feeling the love and then this dirty blue glove added to it.

By the way, I did not manipulate the glove or pose it in this way. I will sometimes do crazy stuff for my blog, but I am not about to play around with a dirty used glove.



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  1. Here's a nicer blue glove


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