December 6, 2010

Food Language Fun With My Hard of Hearing Student

Every Friday, my hard of hearing student and I participate in trying a new food she had never experienced before. I bring in the food, we eat it, and talk about little things, like the weather, or what we are going to do tonight, and stuff. Then, I have her talk to me about the food she is eating. I ask her questions such as,"What does it taste like?" "Do you like it?" "Does it remind you of anything?" "Is it sweet?" "Do you like the crunchiness?" etc. Then, she has to write several complete sentences in response to some of my questions about the food. Usually, she draws a picture of the food and describes to me what it looks like. Then I ask her to write sentences on her own about the food. She has to draw from her experience and try to remember the language we used when talking about the food.

It's a fun exercise; one she thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to.

I think this week we will try licorice candies.

Last week was fudge. She had never heard of fudge before, so I brought some in for her to try. She loved it! Apparently, fudge is her favorite new food.

Here are pictures of some of her writing and drawings about eating fudge:

I thought it was interesting that she wrote about how her mom enjoys fudge, even though she told me that she never had or seen fudge before. I doubt her mother eats fudge. I think it is sweet that she usually includes her mother in just about everything we do.

This is a drawing of herself eating fudge. She even drew her hearing aid! LOL


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  1. That is cute! Makes me want to go back to teaching again...


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