January 26, 2011

Worried About Neighbors Using Hearing Aids to Spy on You?

Someone typed 'neighbours using amplified hearing aid to spy' in the Google search bar which somehow led him or her to this blog (probably because of my earlier posts about funny hearing aid commercials).

So, the secret is out! Yes, we have been faking being deaf or hard of hearing all along. We work for the aliens helping them spy on the human population using our "hearing aids".

But, really, I do wonder if people have actually been successful in overhearing private conversations using ordinary amplification devices or those 'As Seen on TV' hearing aids. I know that it can be possible with certain FM systems, if someone forgot to turn off the device or if someone place the microphone near the speaker without them knowing it.

Is anyone else paranoid about their neighbors spying on them with amplification devices or hearing aids? Or is anyone planning to spy on their neighbors using these devices? 

If so, please tell us about it!


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  1. Not sure if this is true, but the T-switch on hearing aids could pick up phone conversations that are nearby, like in a neighboring phone booth.

    Also, telecoils or pick-up coils that are used on flashing light devices are capable of picking up electronic conversations. Again, I don't know how this is done.

    But people with impaired hearing would have difficulty anyway understanding, wouldn't they?

  2. Interesting! I'll have to try it out and see if this is true.

    But, as you pointed out I would probably have some difficulty understanding what is said--depending on how they talk. But, I do find that I am usually able to hear clearly what is being said when I use the T-switch (the few times I have been able to take advantage of it), because of how the sounds go directly into the microphone, while surrounding sounds are blocked out. It is really neat. I wish every place I go to include hearing loop systems for hearing aids with telecoils.

    Info on Hearing Loop Systems: http://www.hearingloop.org/

  3. no, I don't think those spy hearing aid would be much different than a simple microphone and headphone. Hearing aids for spying probably hurt their ears if it is not done right. I think it would be like a full blast speakers and we all know that turning up the volume is NOT better as it can hurt our ears and still sound distorted and muffled. Because they are hearing, they probably need something that make distance, softer sounds louder and loud, close sounds softer. Think binocular when it come to bring far object closer. A bad binocular will only make close object appear bigger or enlarge and nothing else.

    If they truly want a spy hearing aid, I think they will have to pay over $700 specifically for their type of hearing because that's how much we pay for our HA's (they can't wear our hearing aid either, several friends of mine tried and it is just too powerful for them).

  4. come to think of it, I do wonder if someone will be able to hijack bluetooth technology on phones or even hearing aids to listen in our conversation.

  5. Here's a funny.. so when my son was about 3 or 4, i met up w/ some other homeschooling mamas. My son has a cochlear implant. Homeschooler can be.. a bit..paranoid. She asked about 30 min in to the conversation..what is that on his head? is it a recording device. Bless her heart. She is one of my best friends today!

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  7. I have a very powerful condenser mic and recording gear. No, you can't hear through walls. If you turn up the gain, all you get is the sound of wind and traffic.

  8. Hearing aids can significantly enhance the quality of life for most people with hearing impairment. Hearing aids are designed to make sounds louder and therefore easier to hear. Most hearing aids also include circuitry to keep sound from becoming too loud and to help reduce the effects of background noise. Thanks.
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    1. Our neighbour came out os hospital and suddenly we found we cannot foil a kettle without a reaction ie TV up very loud, flush the loo or when she is in the leiving room and we sit to eat in our dining room (various times) she will put a TV on the other side of the dividing wall very loud, if we talk as well as eat this goes up louder. Can't be coincidence. Someone with a parent has advised if she is looking at TV on the adjoining wall as she is a hearing aid could be picking up our sounds and she thinks we are noisy and therefore is complaining. I am sure some devices can pick up sounds through a badly insulated dividing wall. We feel we have no privacy and dont talk off anything private at all in this house.

  9. As Chuck Norris told: no neighbors - no problems.


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