January 20, 2011

"This Make Me Enraged"

I was working with a student on finding other words to use than 'angry'. We made a type of word web, circling the word 'angry' and connecting it to other words we can use or synonyms of 'angry'. My student learned that we can use furious, enraged, upsetmad, or infuriated instead of angry. We also talked about how the words are commonly used in everyday conversations.

The next day, I had her practice her writing. She was working on writing a paragraph about her plans for the weekend. She struggles with writing as she is still trying to figure out the English language (language delay is due to a number of different factors). Writing is not her favorite thing to practice. She stopped in the middle of her writing, looked up, and gravely stated, "This make me enraged."

I was glad, happy, or ecstatic that she was paying attention during our brief synonym lesson the previous day!



  1. Yep! Success!
    All power to her!

  2. wonderful story only a parent or a teacher can experience and appreciate on a regular basis.

  3. Next, try discombobulated.



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