February 25, 2011

Possible Future Deaf & HOH Advocate :)

Apparently, my consultative visits with a ten year old student have made a strong impact on him and his family.

I met with his family recently for an IEP meeting and they told me about how he has been doing a lot of research about deaf and hard of hearing issues and sign language on his own at home. He has told them that he wants to be like me. "You mean he wants to be a teacher?" I asked. "No, he wants to be a deaf and hard of hearing advocate like you," his father responded. This student is always telling me that he "wants to be like me" when he grows up. I thought he was just being nice. They told me how he had never shown any interest in deaf and hard of hearing related issues before. But, then again, they had never thought about having him learn more about these issues, before I started working with him.

I see him a few times a month and when I do, we sit and drink juice or tea and discuss various deaf and hard of hearing issues. I have taught him how to read audiograms. The term "speech banana" makes him laugh. He knows about the different degrees of hearing loss and what they each mean. He also has knowledge about the anatomy of the ear. He likes to discuss how we hear and how his hearing loss is severe-profound. He loves his hearing aids and wants to learn how they work. He knows about the various ways some deaf or hard of hearing people communicate. He shows great interest in learning sign language and is currently trying to learn sign language with his family. Most of the time, he talks about how he wants to meet more people like us and learn more about how we can advocate for them.

He is the most interesting student I have had so far. 



  1. Cool!

    We need more role models like YOU!

    Someone who cares about the deaf community and is open, respectful and a moderate.

    Reality is: the majority of deaf/hh in America are moderates anyway. ;o)


  2. Thanks, Candy. :) It helps that I love my job and working with my students.

  3. Yay! All power to you! And your student!

  4. He sounds like a go-getter who sees fulfillment in being the most he can be and in helping others like himself. I'm sure he will someday in the future remember you and tell stories from the platform about the teacher who inspired him.

  5. Sounds like he have his own life experience (every deaf have a story to tell) and you helped him.

  6. Congratulations, (e! These are the type of moments that make this job worth it!!! :D That student sounds amazing all on his own, but you had a great influence on him for sure.

  7. Thanks, everyone. :) Yes, he is a real go-getter, just an all around wonderful kid with an awesome supportive family. I am glad to be of some use to them.

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  9. (e, can you do a blog on what exactly IS a role model, I am not sure what that is ? is it decibel based ? or lifestyle based ? or based on success of the individual ? Given rubbish media celebrities are most role models and none are deaf....!

  10. Thanks for the idea, Spiritual Nomad! I just added the "Like" button. :)

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