February 6, 2011

Rhinestones + Hearing Aid = Pretty and Painful

I put some pretty sparkly heart shaped rhinestones on my hearing aid just for fun and in the spirit of upcoming Valentine's Day.

They look pretty, but hurt like a mother trucker!

After about twenty minutes, it started to hurt as the plastic rhinestones rubbed against the top part of my ear.

So, I don't recommend decorating your hearing aids with rhinestones (at least in areas where the rhinestones will come in contact with your ears).

But, they sure are pretty!

Sometimes it hurts to be beautiful.



  1. You should try contact paper and pernament marker to decorate. It would cover the beige part of your HA

  2. Neat idea. I will try that.


  3. :) I do want to point out that you should get Avery mark-a-lot permanent. Sharpie and other brands would just rub off in my opinion .

  4. that is so pretty!!!!!!
    I'm getting purple hearing aids in a few more weeks though :D


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