March 6, 2011

Asking a Student About His Hearing Aids

Q: Why do you sometimes not wear them in the mornings?   
A: I forget.

Q: Are they too loud?      
A: No

Q: Too quiet?             
A: No

Q: Annoying?           
A: No

Q: Are they uncomfortable? 
A: No, they feel fine.

Q: Are you embarrassed by them?  
A: No, not really. I just don't like it when people see them, people I don't know real well, because they will sometimes ask me questions about them. I don't want to keep explaining to others what they are. It is annoying and I am bored by it.

Q: Do you wear them at home? 
A: Sometimes I do. When I watch TV or listen to music.

Q: When do you like wearing your hearing aids?
A: At school and when I watch TV.

Q: When do you not like wearing them? 
A:  When there is a bunch of people around, especially kids, that I don't know.



  1. I see the "I forget" excuse so many times I should start collecting dimes. :) Usually it means something else, but getting to the actual meaning of, "forget" is almost impossible!

  2. I have recently asked a girl at work who is has hearing loss as to why she sometimes does not wear them and she mentioned they were to big and would often encourage customers to asks questions. So she would rather struggle at work without them in which is a shame.

  3. I wear hearing aids for school and can completly understand how tiring it is to have to explain about what they are, and why you wear them every 5 mins, i came back after a summer break from school with hearing aids and very few people knew i was getting them so there was a lot of questioning and having to explain, also peple who don't know you have hearing loss (mine is only mild so is bearly notice able), or understand much about hearing loss ask insensitive questions such as, why do you wear hearing aids only old people wear hearing aids, i got through the asking stage by accepting them as something to help me, i was once told just tell people that 'if you can't see well, wear glasses, if you can't hear well , wear hearing aids. I had to keep them uncovered at first as my long hair made a noise as it ran over the microphone so people saw them at first and seeing as i was 14 at the time people had known me with out HAs for a while so took them longer to adjust than it took me, i don't have to ask for people to repeat them selves so much now and it means that i can talk to friends a lot easier than before


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