March 30, 2011

I Feel Like a Creepy Stalker Sometimes

My job as an itinerant teacher makes me feel as if I am a creepy stalker sometimes.
  • I often work behind the scenes and fly under the radar as I observe students and teachers.
  • I will show up unannounced, paying students and teachers surprise visits.
  • I often "run into" the students and teachers I work with in the hallways.
  • I will call, text, and email administrators and parents several times, until I finally hear back from them. I just want to talk to them or meet with them, that's all. 
  • Sometimes students and teachers will see me peeking in through the window or through the crack of the open classroom door. 
  • Sometimes my students will turn around and there I am, scaring the living daylights out of them. 
  • My students are always surprised at how much I know about them. They suspiciously ask me where I get my information.


  1. haha! I do the same things, and I'm a school psychologist.

  2. Glad to know I am not alone! LOL.

  3. As a mainstreamed deaf child, I felt oppressed by the feeling that hearing people knew more about me than I knew. It did not always encourage good relationships with those in authority. It made me feel different from my hearing classmates.

    It is healthier to let the child have his personal boundaries and to feel that they are respected instead of his special helpers often appearing without his understanding or permission.

    I'm sure your technique isn't as intrusive as this, but there are people who do this in a very blatant way.

  4. As a severely deaf middle-aged geek with purple digital hearing aids, I can relate.

  5. I totally relate to dianerez!


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