March 21, 2011

Weird Phrases I Thought I Heard

When you have a hearing loss, you will often find yourself hearing the strangest things.

Here is a short list of bizarre phrases I thought I heard:

1. "Watch out for the Mexican drug lords."

      Actually said: "Watch for it next to the drug store."

2. "You are a little stinky."

      Actually said: "Glue on my little pinky." 

3. "I want to stuff diamonds up my nose." 

      Actually said: I have no idea, but I am sure this person did not say this.

4. "Brooms weird me out."

      Actually said: "Soon, we'll go out."

5. "This rotten shoe is yummy." 

      Actually said: "Chris often glued his money." (which is equally weird)


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1 comment:

  1. Being hoh I often have to ask people to repeat themselves and then I state back what I think they said. Some people I don't know have often told me to "never mind" and when I explain that I am hoh I've been told "that's alright." I get a bit peeved that it's "alright" for me to NOT know what's going on. Why don't people learn some manners and consideration?


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