April 9, 2011

How Rude!

As some of you already know, because of my hearing loss, I will often mispronounce words because I will often mishear how they are being pronounced. Therefore, people, usually people who know me well enough, will correct me. Most people have been respectful when correcting my speech. But, there have been a few times when people were not so nice about it. One of those times happened in a college class when I mispronounced the word corset. I pronounced it as koor-set. Unfortunately, the professor corrected me rudely in front of everyone. She laughed and chided, "No, I think you meant to say koor-sit, not koor-set. What are they teaching you guys? So, anyway---."  A few people in class chuckled and some people looked at the professor disapprovingly.

I felt so stupid, I wanted to hide. If I was more assertive and aware of my hearing loss then, I probably would have spoken to her about it after class. All I did was sit there and look down. I felt my face turn red. I kept seeing an image of Stephanie from the TV sitcom Full House crying, "How rude!"



  1. That was so rude. I have been corrected odd times too for pronouncing wrong, but like you I usually don't mind, because it's done in a correct way about it. But I was once made myself to feel thick and want to hide because someone was rude. I did tell them later though about that day. That person concerned was upset about it, as she did not mean to make me feel like that, and so apologised. We have been ok since.

  2. So... I'm catching up on reading your blogs =) And I have these types of moments too. Sometimes I can detect it from the look on their face - and end up asking -- Did I say that properly? Sometimes I even get annoyed with myself for stopping in the middle of a conversation and making sure I'm pronouncing things correctly. In general, I get paranoid when speaking because of RUDE comments like that.

    *** Laketa ***

  3. Mispronunciations are okay and they can be corrected. Don't worry about that! Those who choose to correct you with rude remarks don't realize that language also conveys intent. I believe that by choosing to carelessly snub others, such people are exposing their poor mental conditioning.

  4. corset is pronouced Koor-SIT? I honestly thought that the correct pronounction was Koor-SET! I checked on google and Koor-sit just sounds plain wrong to me! Thanks for saving me from an awkward situation!


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