April 15, 2011

How to Get Insurance Companies to Cover Hearing Aids

I came across this great hearing aid resource online called, Sample Letters of Justification, from The Listen-Up Web. It contains several sample letters you can use to write to your insurance companies to convince them to help cover the costs of hearing aids; if not all, then part of the costs at least.

Apparently, some people have been able to convince their insurance companies to cover the costs of their hearing aids. 

According to this website,  Widget Richards was successful. The advice she gave:

1. Look at your Health Plan and see if they cover Home Medical Equipment, Prosthesis, or Orthopedic, etc...
2. Write a letter when submitting bill for hearing aids.
3. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal, if you get turned down.

Excerpt of one letter:

As a member of the _________ Health Plan, I am expressing concern about my Health Policy and why the Health Plan does not cover my medical condition.  I was recently turned down by __________ (name of insurance company) for an Artificial Ear called a Hearing Aid.  Consider this letter as a formal Appeal.
          In the_________ Health Plan on page __ #__.  Audiometry examinations for hearing aids, or hearing aids are NOT COVERED under the Health Plan but  on page __#__ , Home Medical Equipment, Prosthesis, Orthosis are COVERED under the Health Plan.
          Hearing Aids are considered as Home Medical Equipment, Prosthesis or a Orthosis by the definitions in the ________Health Plan manual.  The Hearing device is a Home Medical Equipment because it is used repeatedly which is Medically Necessary to improve the functioning of a malformed body member and is used to prevent further deterioration of the patient's medical condition.  A Hearing aid is a Prosthesis because it is a artificial part, appliance or device used to replace a missing part of the body.  A hearing aid is an Orthopedic appliance or apparatus used to support, align, and prevent or correct deformities or to improve the function of movable body parts.   Hearing Aids will NEVER restore that body member to 100% normal functioning, a hearing aid only improves the functioning and helps prevent further deterioration of other medical conditions.   An artificial Arm will never give that person 100% movement, it only improves the functioning.  Leg Braces  for a malformed leg are used only to support, align, prevent or correct deformities or improve the function of movable body part. . .
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To look at the sample letters this site provides, click on this link: 

Is there anyone who had any luck getting their insurance companies to cover their hearing aids or cochlear implant devices?  Anyone still trying but with no luck? 



  1. Because hearing aids are specifically and by name excluded they will not be covered. Tried similar tactics and they did not work for me. Good luck and best wishes to anyone else who has the endurance to try again.

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  4. Some health insurance plans offer coverage for auditory care right out of the box. As long as you always remember to shop around before buying insurance, you shouldn't have trouble finding the best one.

  5. Yes, but some insurance plans only offer check-ups and medicine, but not the hearing aid itself.

  6. I think it happens in most cases. A lot of health insurance companies do not cover hearing aids and other treatments caused by disability. The government should probably do something about that issue.
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  7. Our insurance company covers hearing aids. But you will be required submitted recommendations from your doctor plus other justifications. In short, they will make it hard for you.

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    1. I would like to know what the name of your insurance company is please?

  8. Check for the policies implemented. This allows you to choose the right coverage.

  9. thanks for the great share.:)

    many people will absolutely find this post useful just like me. your post brought music to my ears. thanks for sharing.

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  11. I lost my hearing in my left ear suddenly and I am trying to get the BAHA, a surgical implant. My insurance company will not pay for it. Any advice

  12. Hearing Aids will NEVER restore that body member to 100% normal functioning, a hearing aid only improves the functioning and helps prevent further deterioration of other medical conditions.

  13. Hearing Aids will NEVER restore that body member to 100% normal functioning, a hearing aid only improves the functioning and helps prevent further deterioration of other medical conditions. remove video drm

  14. Health benefit plans usually do not extend coverage for your hearing aids. The Medicare plans specifically exclude coverage for the hearing aids. The Medicaid plans however only allow such coverage for the children, and permit the adults to include the hearing aid coverage as an optional health care benefit. Then again, since the plans vary according to the state regulations, most of the states only cover the basic hearing aids and not all. Thus, consumers usually don’t have choice for selecting the hearing aid which suits them if they want it to be covered by their health plan. And if they select the aid with the necessary adjustments, they have to bear all the risks themselves.

  15. Hi all,

    About 3-4 years ago (2008), I had the same issue with getting my hearing insured and it was very hard to find places that would. We found one place but they have since gone under / ceased to offer an individual policy.

    Now that i'm on the hunt again (2003), I'm glad to to say there now quite a few options available to you (and to cover you once the manufacturers warranty has expired - if you have not opted for extended cover).

    After doing some online research (e.g google) i have found additional policies for hearing aids that can be added onto your existing e.g Suncorp / AAMI home insurance policies (im sure other home and content providers offer similar policies now - so trying calling your home and contents provider (typically falls under the category of 'portable contents' eg similar to weddings rings etc).

    In my case, it only added on about $10-15 per month to my existing Home & C policy for 1 x 3-4k hearing aid (with a reasonable $100-200 excess). It may seem like a lot, but for me its essential to doing my day to day job, so its great that I now finally covered.

    hope that is of help, particularly as there is no need to plead for this cover from insurance providers.

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