April 27, 2011

No More Lousy Audiograms Please!

Speaking of audiologists providing incomplete and poorly plotted audiograms, just yesterday another teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing showed me an audiogram, asking me if I can make any sense of it. 

This audiogram had "two attempts" on the graph. The "1st attempt" showed a moderate to moderately-severe hearing loss in both ears. The "2nd attempt" looked like a mild hearing loss, overall.

Here is what it looked like using the Audiogram Creator provided by HearingAidKnow. 

As you can see, there is a tremendous difference between the two attempts! (Second attempt - top portion).

First of all, having both "attempts" on the audiogram was confusing and looked like a mess, especially since it was not plotted neatly. Second of all, the audiologist provided no information whatsoever about why there were two attempts. In addition, he also did not write down or explain what type of hearing loss this student has.

The more I looked at the audiogram, the more confused I became. Ugh, it was a headache.

Nevertheless, we will send a request to the audiologist to please do a better job of plotting down the results and to clearly explain the test results.


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  1. Wowza. That is pretty bad. I really enjoy working with my district's co-op Educational Audiologists, because they understand schools way better than clinical Audiologists (IMO). I always get at least a description of what happened on the testing day, not just random plots on a graph!


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