As a HOH Person, I Get Nervous About Knocking On Doors

Open or Close Door ?I have some anxiety about knocking on closed doors, to see if anyone is in the room or if it is safe for me to come in. Through the closed door, I usually will not hear if the person said, "Come in." or "Don't come in."

I have had many embarrassing experiences with walking in when I thought someone said, "Come in!" when really they said, "Just a minute!"

I have learned that it is best not to say anything and just wait until someone opens the door, unless I can make out someone telling me to come in.

Today, I knocked on a closed door of the office of a school principal. I thought I heard something, but I did not want to risk opening the door or responding. I wasn't sure if she was even in there. I stood there quietly, waiting. I told myself I would give her 5 minutes. Suddenly, the door opened. "Oh, it's you. I said, "Come in." but I guess you did not hear me," she said, smiling. I told her about my past experiences with walking in when I shouldn't have. She totally understood and we began our meeting.

Photo from Flckr

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