May 25, 2011

Excellent Online Resource For Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This is a great FREE online resource for teachers and parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. It is also great for those who want to learn more about hearing loss, advocacy, technology, and more.

Click on this link,, which will take you to Phonak's GAP Access Planning.

To the right you will see a section that says 'Downloads'. Click on this and download the program to your computer, preferably a PC. Be sure to extract all files or select 'Extract all files'. You may also download pages in PDF form.

I really like this guide. It is an interactive presentation which covers basically everything you should know or be aware of when it comes to deaf and hard of hearing issues. Although this seems to be more for deaf or hard of hearing teenagers or young adults, I think it is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about deafness. The guide also includes resources specifically for professionals and for parents and family members. This guide seems unbiased and does not only talk about one communication mode or seem to prefer one over another.

I highly recommend everyone to download this guide and use it.



  1. I checked out that link and it gives more meaning to the word "excellent resource" especially for us here at the urgent care delaware clinic. Thanks a lot!

  2. Better share this to some of urgent care kent wa doctors for them to know some infos about deaf patients. You may never know when will they need this, at least they're ready and knowledgeable about them.

  3. Good to know that they are now prioritizing this matter with regards to after hours urgent care. My aunt, who has a defect on hearing was really glad about this news.

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