May 26, 2011

Videos of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People That Students Liked the Most

I have been giving short presentations about deaf and hard of hearing people, interesting, successful, and famous ones, to various classes. 

The students seemed to be most impressed with these people and videos below:

It has been so fun to do these presentations and to talk with teachers and students about deaf and hard of hearing topics. They ask the most interesting questions. Based on many of the questions asked, I am always surprised at the lack of awareness there is about deaf and hard of hearing people.

Gotta do more next year.



  1. you can tell them if they like to learn more about deaf culture and issues, they can watch : It's available in netflix streaming or PBS when they play it again.

  2. Great resources! I also agree with Anon above - Through Deaf Eyes is a great film, although a little long if you're seeing kids on an Itinerant schedule. :)


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