June 12, 2011

Check Out Incredible Short Film "My Song"

I just watched My Song by C & B Films for BSLBT, directed by William Mager and written by Charlie Swinbourne. Big thanks to bloggers Amy Cohen Efron and Tina for sharing this film on their blogs. 

It is a coming of age story touching on identity issues, which most deaf and hard of hearing people can relate to, including myself. I absolutely loved it. It is a well made film. Absolutely brilliant. The acting was excellent, it was not maudlin, and it did a great job depicting a person trying to find her place as a deaf person new to sign language. It even brought some tears to my eyes. 

I encourage you to check it out. It is just under 25 minutes long.

(via billster 1977)



  1. Oh, and the character, Ellen, is one brave soul! I don't think I would have the guts to go on stage to perform a song in sign language in front of strangers.

  2. Ellen could have very well been me. Like her, I was raised orally and had a hearing family. I longed to belong somewhere. I didn't fit in either world. I learned a little ASL and because I didn't sign fluently, I felt I could not fit in the deaf culture. So, I quit trying. I get so frustrated with my family because they just don't have a clue... Thank you for sharing this. I have shared it on my facebook page. I doubt they (my family) will get a clue; but, maybe. Someone will get a glimmer of understanding...

  3. I hope someone does get a glimmer of understanding, Lee Ann. Perhaps the film will help bring some awareness. :)


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