July 12, 2011

10 Things I Personally Need as an Itinerant Teacher

In addition to the basics (paper, pens, pencils, books, folders, schedules, calendar, etc.) these are items I personally need that are very helpful while I run around as an itinerant teacher.

1. Map of the area, GPS

2. Snacks

3. Plenty of gas in the tank

4. Comfortable shoes

5. Hand sanitizer

6. Travel mug/cup (for water or coffee)

7. Breath mints

8. Cell phone

9. Tablet computer

10. Soft scarf or cardigan

What items do you carry around with you while at work?



  1. Oh! I forgot one thing I absolutely need. Advil or Tyenol.

  2. So smart! I've heard the breath mints thing from many teachers of the Deaf and interpreters. I'll be sure to keep that in mind!

  3. yes, breath mints!

    I do have memories of yukky breaths by teachers.

    Not a teacher here, but I carry gum with me almost always. I think it works the same way. ;o)


  4. Yes, canvas bags are a must!

  5. I should carry breath mints. Still, I'm just a sub and I don't want the kids to like me that much!

  6. Umbrella!

    Frankly, I keep a case of bottled water in the trunk.

    I'm itinerant too. ;)

  7. Yes, umbrella, super important! I keep two umbrellas in my car. I usually end up leaving one behind at one of the schools (when it stops raining) and forget about it. This way I am not screwed when it rains again.

  8. PLEASE, no gum! People forget to take it out and then I have to speechread them with gum. Gross!

  9. I agree! NO gum! So unprofessional.


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