August 10, 2011

Message For AMC TV

**UPDATE: Issue has been resolved.**

Dear AMC,

What the h---? It is impossible for me to enjoy 'Breaking Bad' with your censored closed captions! My G--. This show is full of b-------- cussing, which unfortunately means more s----- blanked out words to decipher. It p----- me off! Quit censoring words such as b------, s---, d----, b---, b----, G--, J----, a--, b----, h---, p---, and others that can be heard loud and clear! For C---- sakes, quit s------- us with your censored closed captions from h---. It is s----- that those who can hear have full access to the language being used (lucky b-------) while those who rely on captions are left to fill in the d--- blanks, making us feel like dumb a----. This is b-------!




  1. heh, I love this! This is d--- funny! G-- I like your sense of humor. Now I need to go throw the b--- for the dog!

  2. THAT! It makes more work for us to try to figure out what the specific word was! Such B-------!

  3. I really love this -------. This is too ---- funny. I would like these --------- at ------------- AMC get a look at this -----------.


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