August 31, 2011

Personal Hearing Aid Cleaning Kits

The Complete Hearing Aid Accessory Kit
I would like to send home small personal hearing aid cleaning kits for some of my deaf and hard of hearing students. I might also make and give a small book explaining in simple terms how to care for and clean hearing aids.

I don't think some parents or family members understand how important it is to be diligent about cleaning hearing aids (picking out and wiping off sticky ear wax on ear molds and in tubes). Children tend to produce a lot of ear wax and will constantly need to clean the tubes and ear molds of their hearing aids. In addition, ear molds that are cleaned consistently will last longer.

I will ask the school district if they can provide more hearing aid cleaning kits. If not, I will have to put together the kits using my own money. I was wondering if there are any places or people I can contact who can help provide the materials typically used for cleaning hearing aids at a low cost. Or maybe there are some organizations willing to provide some of the materials for free, which would be really great. If you know of any organizations, let me know.

I would like to include in the kit:

- Hearing aid cleaning wipes.

- Wax removal pick and brush.

- Hearing aid tubes (if hearing aid uses standard size)

These are the only materials or tools that I think would be absolutely necessary. Please let me know if you think I left anything out that would be useful.



  1. A hearing aid blower ( small blue baloon ) to get the moisture out of the tubes )

    A small cleaner for wax ( sometimes , it's not feasible to remove the tube )

  2. Fortunately, the accessories are inexpensive when purchased in quantity from Hal-Hen or Oaktree.

    My suggested list would be an earmold blower, wax loop, and earmold spray. If the child has an acrylic earmold, then include inexpensive alcohol swipes (like you use to clean the skin before an injection) to clean the molds.

    I wouldn't bother to include tubes, because earmolds are usually replaced about every six months. In addition, although they are almost always size #13, you have single wall, heavy wall & double wall; plus you have different ways they are attached -- Tube-lok, glue, & CFA (continuous flow adapter).

    My suggestion would be to have an assortment of tubes in your bag, and then retube them when you see the student.

    Dan Schwartz,
    Editor, The Hearing Blog

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  3. Thanks for information

  4. Thank you all for your suggestions. @Dan Schwartz- Good point about the tubes.

  5. Contact a local audiologist or dispenser. If you were in my area I would gladly provide cleaning tools at no charge if you would simply mention my company when handing them out.

    And Dan is right about the tubes. When you contact that local professional, ask them for a lesson on recognizing the different types of tubes/locks. Become familiar with basics so you can retube them yourself when needed. EM's should be replaced as often as every 6 months but that doesn't always happen. Learn the signs of a failing/aging EM so you can point it out to the parents.

  6. Ask your school if you have a budget. I couldn't get funding for equipment to send home, but I did manage to get cleaning kits to put in every school's office. Then I had my students schedule one day a week during their study hall that they would come and clean their hearing aids.

  7. Love your little hearing aid picks and loops for cleaning your hearing aid.This is the great hearing aid tool.maybe there are some organizations willing to provide some of the materials for free, which would be really great.
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  8. I want to add something to Welsey's comment. Perhaps you could insert/attach the audiologist's business card to the inside cover of the cleaning kit.
    I hope you can get the supplies for this great idea of yours. Please keep us informed of your progress.
    All the best,

  9. Nice information. Thanks. My friend wear Siemens hearing aids. How to clean that aids?


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